About Connector Solutions Ltd

With over ten years experience in the distribution and designing of spring contacts, our team at CSL believes that success comes from us becoming an extended part of our customers' product development cycle. Early engagement has enabled us to deliver many benefits to our large customer base many times - be it reduced labour content through innovative assembly, facilitated by pogo pins, reducing BOM components, or simply through enhancing the look, feel and function of the end product, delivering differentiation.

Why Connector Solutions?

By being a close part of the IDI team, we are able to offer our customers a unique package for the European Marketplace by leveraging our size, focus on service and ultimate ability to guide our customers to the right connection choice.

Order Probes Online

Connector Solutions has an extensive catalogue available online, including various spring contact probes, receptacles and contacts. We serve the United Kingdom and Europe with bases in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Supreme Quality and Flexibility

With no MOQ for Connectors/Semiconductors, a highly flexible production environment, and aggressive mold-tool fees, we are positioned to address projects in the range of totally bespoke one offs, through to 250,000pcs/week. Ultimately your products are judged by the quality of your connections, so if you're ready to discuss your next application which demands the highest quality, contact us today.