Board to Board Connectors

Connector Solutions are a pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of highly engineered, application specific interconnect devices utilising spring probe technology. Connector Solutions' high performance connectors meet the requirements of the most stringent specifications demanded by our customers, providing unparallelled mechanical reliability and signal integrity.

Right Angle Connections

IDI’s compression mount connectors are available in thru hole options and provide an elegant and effortless connection to pads on a perpendicular PCB while absorbing system level alignment tolerances along the way. The same connectors can also connect to boards at angles other than 90 degrees.

  • Connectors and individual loose contacts available
  • SMT and thru hole solder designs available
  • Contact to contact spacing from .010 (0.25) and above
  • Eases assembly
  • Eliminates cabling
  • Data and power connections

Fine Pitch Connectors

When your design demands extreme miniaturization, Connector Solutions' spring contacts offer the best compressed height to compliance ratio of any interconnect technology. Our combination of engineering process and manufacturing experience results in the shortest signal path and highest density spring contacts on the market.

  • Signal paths as short as .070 (1.77) with .030 (0.76) compliance
  • 110 (2.80) compressed height with .050 (1.27) compliance
  • High density with contact to contact pitch as tight as .020 (0.50)
  • High speed analog, digital and RF signals
  • High quality, consistent resistance < 20 mΩ
  • Surface mount, compression and thru hole mount PCB terminations

Cable Elimination

When you’re faced with a gap between boards that are too long for standard connectors but too short for easy cabling, simplify your design with a one piece connector from IDI that will mate directly with pads on your second PCB. Our connectors fit effortlessly onto pads already designed for other surface mount connectors, like this example of a connector that can either SMT solder or compression mount on two rows of 1 mm center pads. It spans a 1 inch gap between boards and includes EMI shielding.

  • Reduces assembly time
  • Eliminates additional connectors(male and female at each cable termination)
  • Absorbs alignment tolerances
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