Docking Connectors

Connector Solutions are a pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of highly engineered, application specific interconnect devices utilising spring probe technology. Connector Solutions' high performance connectors meet the requirements of the most stringent specifications demanded by our customers, providing unparallelled mechanical reliability and signal integrity.

Wiping and Side Load

The unique design of Connector Solution's “bullet probe” makes it an ideal probe for side load applications. The plunger extension is equal to the plunger radius which allows our customers to contact it at an angle and still have the probe easily compress without causing damage.  Wiping engagements add a bonus of  self-cleaning as they slide and offer a clean contact surface each  and every mate.

  • Plunger extension equals the spherical radius so they withstand sideload
  • In this application plungers are contacted at almost a 90° angle
  • Cradle station charges and downloads data from unit   

No Damage Break Away

When coupled with a magnetic retention system, Connector Solutions' spring contacts create an elegant way to connect your portable device to a charging station. This same principle can be applied to charging cables, eliminating costly damage to a device if the cable is  accidentally jerked.   

Rugged Connector

IDI design custom probes to meet the rugged performance requirements needed in military and law enforcement laptops. The 11.2 ounce spring force guarantees constant connection under  MIL-810 rated shock and vibration.  While keeping a compact design, the probe can still carry continuous currents as high as 25 amps.

• High shock and vibrating

• Withstand very rugged environments

• Reliable & robust design

Extended Life Connector

Some applications require repeated mates and dismates of the device to the unit’s charging station. Connector Solutions designed a custom connector for a two-way radio charging station replacing a sheet metal contact which fatigued and failed long before the life of the device was at its end. By switching to a low profile spring probe, the connector’s life was extended to over 500,000 cycles.

  • Spring probe replaced a sheet metal contact to extend the connector life
  • Two bent contacts are battery power contacts. The third contact was for battery status and fatigued prematurely
  • IDI replaced with probe to extend the connector life to 500k cycles
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