Dovetail Connector Series

Connector Solutions’ new Dovetail Connector Series features C Series Probes, renowned for their incomparable shock and vibration performance, housed in a patent pending block design.
The symmetrical blocks interlock to allow for simple configuration into any imaginable X-Y pattern. A multitude of probe options permit the benefits of a custom connector design such as intermixing of power and ground functions within the same array.
Available for immediate delivery with no tooling required, the Dovetail Connector eliminates the time and expense associated with typical prototype and low to medium volume manufacturing activities.

Design Flexibility

  • Interlocking features permit population to a wide range of footprints
  • Available individually or pre-configured to meet application specific requirements
  • A variety of termination styles, signal path lengths and performance functions are accommodated within a uniform block design


  • Consistent performance across broad temperature ranges
  • Perfect for RF, high speed and mixed signal connections
  • Minimal insertion and return loss for signals up to 15 GHz
  • Superior continuity in high shock and vibration environments
  • Consistent, low resistance through tens of thousands of connections

Probe Options

Available compressed heights:

  • 4mm
  • 6mm


Termination methods:

  • Surface Mount
  • Thru Hole
  • Solder Cup


Advanced biasing techniques:

  • Bias Tail
  • Bias Ball (6mm only)
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