Harsh Environment Connectors

If you’re being asked to design products to perform under tough conditions, then you need reliable connector technologies that can withstand the punishment. That’s why Connector Solutions' connectors and interconnect systems are showing up in military, aerospace, industrial and medical applications where conventional connectors just aren’t cutting it. We use the spring probe technology that we’ve advanced for over 30 years. Connector Solutions custom connectors and interconnect systems are “ruggedised” to assure contact - at every contact - while delivering exceptional performance benefits in extremely harsh environments where high performance and relibility are mandatory.

Solderless Battery Connector

Connector Solutions' battery contacts provide trustworthy connections that power everything from the world’s top military radios to portable power tools. This connector features:

• Rugged metal bayonet shell provides ground connection between ground pin and housing.

• Raised ground probe provides First Mate/Last Break.

• Wiping engagement ensures clean mate.

• Double ended probes provide rapid assembly by compression mounting to pads on the PCB.

• Ingress protection to IP68 and MIL-STD-810F.

• MIL-STD-810F— Shock and Vibration Qualified.

• MIL- STD-810F— Sand & Dust and Salt Fog Qualified.

Exchangeable Tool Connector

Spring contact probe connectors provide a reliable and dependable quick change connector. 

• Permits rapid changing of multiple tool heads.

• Flex termination allows compact, circuitous signal routing. 

• Use of IDI switch probes allows identification of specific engaged tool.

• Gasket and specialized contacts prevent ingress.

• Greater than 50,000 cycle life extends product life.

Double Ended Sealed Contact

Not every application requires that water not be allowed into the contact’s spring cavity. Connector Solutions' traditional designs provide superior electrical performance and are in scores of applications from war zones to the operating room. 


Ruggadised Circular Connector

Connector Solutions offers rugged circular connectors for reliable cable and panel mount interconnects in the most demanding locations, from mines to oil platforms. 

• Quick, Positive Bayonet Retention Latch.

• High Density.

• Wipes surfaces for a clean connection on each mating cycle.

• Immersion Sealed to 20m of water — Mated or Unmated.

• Keyed polarization.

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