High Cycle Life Connectors

Our solutions have been developed to assist the toughest interconnect customer in the electronics industry… the test engineer. Our test customers have relied on our spring probes to perform up to a million cycles, in demanding, no-clean, contaminated environments. In the semiconductor testing arena, our probes may cycle over 50,000 times within just a couple of days.


Connector Solutions' Multiple Cycle Connectors allow for a higher and more consistent spring force that will remain constant — from the first cycle to the millionth cycle. They are extremely rugged and compact, and are able to deal with wiping interconnect motions as well as harsh environments. Mechanical features are designed into the probes to make PCB mounting simple, whether by wave, hand, or reflow soldering processes.
Some examples of applications using IDI Battery and Connector Contact technology include:

  • A board-to-board interconnect between an electronic device and its programming or docking station.
  • The connection between a mobile radio or cellular phone and its battery.  
  • The interconnect between a camera and a lens.  
  • A switching device between the internal and the external antenna of a mobile radio.
  • The connections from the motherboard to a battery in a notebook computer.
  • A highly reliable battery contact for hand-held emergency radios used in military and police applications.
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