High Density Connectors

If you have a high-density application, Connector Solutions' probe technology will fit right in. For over 20 years, Connector Solutions have been evolving probe technology to micro-miniature sizes. Originally used to populate board test fixtures and test sockets, today our micro technology has become the choice for many product designers looking for high density interconnect solutions.

Fine Pitch Probes

Since 1994, our continued leadership in fine pitch probes was driven by our work in the semiconductor field. Our Semiconductor Probes designed initially for test sockets are considerably shorter and include double-ended compliance on some designs.

Recently, Connector Solutions' engineers have taken our revolutionary three-piece probe design and scaled it down to the 0.4 mm level. While the design is small enough to work in 0.4 mm applications, it is robust enough to withstand thousands of mating cycles. Electrically speaking, this probe performs well above the 10 GHz level at -1 dB, meeting the high speeds that many interconnect systems require.

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