Power Connectors

For decades Connector Solutions have been providing robust power connections in the industry’s widest array of formats. Our unbeatable cycle life, reliable performance, and unsurpassed mechanical compliance allow us to provide the perfect solution for any power connection.

Shock Resistant Contacts

When our customer’s device was applied to such a rigorous shock requirement that the target pad flexed clear of our catalog contact, we developed a custom solution to fit existing tooling with additional compliance to maintain contact in the roughest conditions. 

  • 6.5 oz (184 g) spring force at .090 (2.29 mm) rated stroke
  • 8.4 oz (238 g) spring force at .134 (3.40 mm) full stroke
  • Typical Resistance: < 5 mΩ
  • Current capacity: 15 amps continuous
  • MIL 810 Shock & Vibration

Electronic Firing Pins

Electronic firing pins are designed for use in this multi-projectile tube launching system. In this chaff dispenser system, the 12 ounce spring force pins maintain constant connections to the chaff rounds and deliver the firing impulse. The pass-through plunger probe is designed to withstand a high voltage charge over a very short duration.

  • Pass through plunger provides guaranteed conductivity from one end to the other. Great for shock and vibration
  • High spring force
  • Firing pins used make a solderless connection between cartridge and dispenser

Anti-Tamper Application

In this application, power is used to prevent the user from disabling the court-ordered device. Custom Connector Solutions' probes provide constant electrical contact between the unit’s internal PCB and outer housing. Probes used in personal monitoring equipment are exposed to high levels of contamination and moisture. Our probes have the highest quality plating layers which achieve superior electrical performance while preventing corrosion

  • Custom probes to make power connection to PCB
  • If housing is tampered with, the power connection will break and signal
  • Robust unit is subjected to a wide range of environments – quality gold plating was critical

Dynamic Mates

Connector Solutions' spring contacts provide an elegant, affordable solution for sliding and rotary joints by maintaining constant contacts with the moving track or pad.

  •  Connector Solutions' plating experts have developed solutions such as Duralloy for maximum life
  • < 20 mΩ resistance
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