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Connector Solutions' High Frequency Connectors are designed to provide a practical method of transporting high frequency signals between system elements with minimal impact of the signal quality. At frequencies above 1 GHz, the interface choice begins to influence system performance, requiring a balance of many different factors. Connector performance can be evaluated by the specified mechanical and electrical parameters It is vital to appreciate the electrical performance is not a singular, simple value, but a function of the entire RF system. Leveraging our experience in the ATE and Semiconductor markets, our proven spring probe technology enables a new ground breaking approach to high frequency interconnects, which deliver significant benefits to the customer while reducing component count and increasing system life.


Engineers can now implement single sided contacts, direct to strip line or PCB tracks while enjoying mating cycle lives of over 100,000 and bandwidths greater than 20GHz. Significant gains in circuit density can also be achieved on centers as tight as .050 (1.27mm). Traditional high frequency board-to-board connections, used for permanent or semi-permanent connections, are often referred to as “Blind Mate” connectors. Series such as GPPO and BMA are commonly used, but are limited by their physical size, pitch, required mate & de-mate force and short cycle life — often less than 500 cycles.

In contrast, a Connector Solutions high frequency board-to-board interposer can provide more than an order of magnitude higher interconnect density, a fraction of the weight, and mating forces that are less than 1 ounce per contact. This combination of features make these interposers ideal in all aerospace and military applications where size and weight are important, and many communications systems, where a high density of RF connections is required.

When high density, high performance, compliant, multi-cycle interconnects are needed, our connectors are the perfect solution. Many high performance designs where space and weight are a premium must be custom designed. This is where the expertise of Connector Solutions' engineers can play a critical role in optimising a connector with the right balance of physical design, mechanical life and performance.

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