Surface Mount Connectors

Connector Solutions are a pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of highly engineered, application specific interconnect devices utilising spring probe technology. Connector Solutions' high performance connectors meet the requirements of the most stringent specifications demanded by our customers, providing unparallelled mechanical reliability and signal integrity

DC Surface/Compression Mount

  • Finest pitches–down to 0.4 mm pitch
  • Serviceability–contacts are easily replaced in the field
  • “Zero-risk” installation–no chance of damage to interface when installed
  • Current capacity >7 Amps

RF Surface/Compression Mount

  • High density–pitches as fine as 0.4 mm
  • Low profile connection
  • Abbreviated signal path
  • Bandwidths well above 10 GHz
  • Current capacity >7 Amps
  • Coaxial versions available

DC Surface Mount Soldered

  • Pitch as fine as 1.27 mm
  • Plastic modules make insertion and mounting easy
  • Short signal paths available for good RF performance
  • Low profile interconnects available
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