Custom Lids

The most basic function of a test socket lid is to provide mechanical stability that helps form a strong mechanical and electrical connection between the leads of the device under test and the test socket contacts.Our design approach for lids is the same as our approach to sockets; application specific to optimize performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.


In order to guarantee that the lid design meets your application requirements we offer a variety of options for our lids including:

  • Multiple plunger configurations 
  • Spring loaded latches 
  • Thermal stream access holes 
  • Liquid heatsinks
  • Passive heatsinks 
  • Heat dissipating fans

Clamshell Lid

Clamshell Lids are used primarily in manual test applications. These lids provide an easy-to-use solution for repetitive cycling.Our innovative controlled travel design permits virtually effortless actuation and adjusts to accommodate a wide range of device thickness.

Clip-On Lid or Clamping Lid

The Clip-On Lid design has been given a new body to provide a user friendly solution while offering the same quick turn around, which is often a key requirement in handler setup hardware.


The VCC or Vertical Compression Clamshell Lid is a clamshell lid without secondary actuation. Numerous customers prefer the convenience of pushing the device into the pocket with a single actuation. The VCC’s unique design offers natural linear compression of the device. 

Failure Analysis One-Piece Bolt-On Lid

One-Piece Bolt-On Lids are the most straightforward style of manual lid. When test times are long and price is the primary driver, this can be the optimal solution.

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