Dyno Test Socket

With the patented Dyno Test Socket, you can get an innovative way to test lead free QFNs and other peripheral devices on 0.5mm and above. These test sockets provide consistent low and stable resistance with minimal cleaning and a mechanical cycle life of greater than 500,000 – which results in higher first past yields and a lower cost of test.

The Dyno Advantage

The Dyno contact is a shaped metal, beryllium copper contact with IDI's Endura plating. The Dyno contact has significant benefits over competitive technology, including:

  •  Resistance < 20 milliohms against matte-tin device
  •  Bandwidths > 10GHz. @ -1dB on 0.50mm pitch
  •  Mechanical Life > 500,000
  •  Endura plating resists solder build-up
  •  Wiping action ensures good device contact with minimal board side wipe

A Long-Lasting Test Socket

Because the design of the Dyno contact uses geometry that allows it to be self-cleaning, it requires only infrequent cleanings that take minimal effort. To assist with overcoming the contaminants and oxides that can build up, the contact performs a slight wiping or scrubbing action on the device leads.

Designed to utilize existing load boards for test sockets that have an offset between the device and load board contact points, the Dyno contact involves only minimal board side wiping so you get a longer board life.

Dyno Contacts and Probes in a Single Socket

The Dyno contact is designed to be compatible with the IDI flagship, the 3-piece probe. The peripheral leads on the QFN can be tested with the Dyno contact and the ground pad in the center of the device can utilize our 101267 probe.

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