Gutenberg Semiconductor Test Socket

IDI has combined its extensive experience with both film frame and conventional lead-frame handlers with market leadership in wafer level probe solutions to develop Gutenberg, a defined platform for the most advanced strip test solutions available. An exacting set of contactor standards incorporate IDI's advanced contacts, material selection, analysis capabilities, and design techniques to produce solutions that are high-volume ready upon initial release. Enhanced with IDI's Mendeleev probe solutions, Gutenberg offers million-cycle insertion life and is well suited to auto-clean techniques prevalent in strip test. Their renowned center ring design allows ample contact extension, enhancing overdrive and making bring-up fast and painless.


  • Exhaustive thermal, alignment, and compression analyses
  • Design standards for and experience with state of the art handler technology, including film frame
  • High DUT count potential
  • Center ring contact design increases overdrive and cleaning safety
  • Efficient design rules ensure rapid bring-up
  • Excellent coplanarity minimized required overdrive and simplifies bring-up
  • High suitability to autoclean
  • Million-cycle reliability
  • Mendeleev contact technology available
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